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LED Strips high power CRI

LED Strip CRI the high end product under the Strips.

LED Strips High Power draw the high-end product among the rooflights, Enormous luminosity to 3300 lm / m, profitability to 150 lm / W and high color rendering up to CRI> 95, these LED strips of high power. This high power LED strips set new standards for high-quality lighting solutions in the premium segment.

These sophisticated LED Strip High Power have premium color reproduction with a CRI value, color rendering index = color rendering index up to 95th

Thereupon especially photographers, photo editors, textile processing, printing works in multimedia agencies, fashion designers and other color critical trades have desperately been waiting for, in their everyday work it depends on exactly true color light in the room in order to largely exclude a color distortion in the considerations can. This is made possible color fidelity light through novel LED Strip High Power CRI. This high-quality multi-chip LEDs have a very special phosphosilicate mixture.

Other group of LED strips high power are huge with a luminosity and efficient LED Strips with up to 150 lumens / watt. Thus 3300 lumen / m can be achieved with simultaneously low power consumption of only 22 watts / meter and high color rendering of CRI≥85. The new LED strips attach correct light power and can by the constant current technology (in the products with CC) also boast benefits.

At a temperature increase the current is constant current by Infineon chips automatically reduced and thus also a longer service life of LEDs is achieved. Our LED strips achieve with this LED technology a lifetime of 60,000 hours and more. In the old resistance technique the effect is reversed and can quickly lead to damage to the individual LEDs at too high ambient temperature or insufficient cooling and subsequently lead to premature failure of the high power led strips.


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