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LED Retrofit E27

LED bulbs with E27 socket. The best alternative to the energy saving lamp

In the EU, no incandescent bulbs can enter the market. This is why many replace their incandescent lamps with energy-saving lamps. But what many do not know, the energy saving lamps contain mercury. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances at all, and endangers health when an energy saving lamp breaks. Use the advantage of an LED lamp with E27 socket. Thanks to low consumption, you save energy and thus costs. Thanks to their environmentally friendly production and the lamps, which are often clad in ceramics, there is hardly any heat radiation, which also takes the basis of climate warming.

Toxic gases or mercury are not included in an LED lamp with an E27 socket, so that there is no danger to health if such a lamp breaks. The saving of energy also makes a positive impact on your wallet as an LED lamp with an E27 socket is not only relatively cheap in terms of purchase and power consumption, but also with a longevity of an average of 30,000 operating hours of continuous new purchases of luminaires.

LED lamps E27 are even more efficient than energy-saving lamps, which is why they pay off quickly.


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