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Led Driver for your Strips

Optimized LED power supplies for your lighting applications

In our LED Shop lighting solution, we offer you a wide range of high-quality LED power supplies and power sources. The various high-quality stabilized LED power supplies are partly suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Some of our power supplies are dimmable. Thus, the LED strips can be dimmed and thus provide for more moody light.
For indoor use, all LED power supplies shown in our shop can be used.
In the outdoor area is a waterproof power supply, that has at least IP65, better IP67 necessary. These transformers are equipped with a weather resistant housing and are therefore suitable for outdoor use.

How do I choose the correct LED power supplies for my project?

Power supplies, also known as transformers or drivers, are one of the most important components for the right LED lighting. Choosing the wrong driver can not only destroy your product, but also the power supply itself. Further, a too weak power supply can lead to excessive heat development.

1. Select correct operating voltage 12V, 24V or 5V.

The operating voltage of your LED product is the key to choosing the correct power supply. If your product is 12V DC (DC is DC), you may only use a 12V DC LED power supply. If you select a voltage that is too high or too low, your LED project will be destroyed.

2. Is a constant current source required? 350mA, 500mA, 700mA, 1050mA or higher?

Constant current LED power supplies, here is a different ballast technology. It must be clarified how the product is to be operated. As a rule, a type plate or data sheet provides information. The constant current power supplies are in a separate product category.

3. Determine the performance of the LED product / strip.

Calculate the length of the LED strip that is to be installed and multiply by the power per meter.
Example: you want to lay a 3.5m LED strip with a power of 16 / m.
Invoice: 3.5m x 16W are 56 watts

4. Determine the power of the required LED power supply

It is recommended not to operate the power supply with 100% load, since this leads to the heating of the power supply and reduces the service life.
Calculate at least with a margin of 20%. For example: 1.2 x 56W = 67.2 watts
However, there is no power supply with exactly this power. Thus we select the power supply with the next higher output power.
Now we have found the optimal supply for our strip.
An LED power supply with a higher output power does not damage the LED products because only the power required is consumed.


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