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LED Shop for LED Strip CRI

Your partner in terms of LED stripes and lighting

In essence, light influences our perception of the environment. When light hits the surface of an object, contours and shadows are generated. Light has therefore a central influence on us humans and our environment.

LED Shop Lichtlösung is your contact with competence for a modern and innovative light architecture by means of LED technology such as LED strip High CRI 95 including the necessary accessories such as power supplies and profiles. We mainly focus on product innovations with excellent quality and efficiency. With our modern and at the same time environmentally friendly LED products, you can simply and quickly convert to an energy-saving lighting or plan and realize.

Whether you want to illuminate your business or private space effectively by means of targeted lighting, or to put your products and merchandise in sales and showrooms in an effective manner, our lighting planning places spaces and buildings in a completely new mood. Light architecture comes to life with a professional lighting management. Our concepts are primarily based on the specifications of the object, without neglecting our customers' own visions.

Under light architecture, we understand the connection between creative design and innovative LED technology.

LED technology in any design, either as LED Strips High CRI or as a luminaire installation / assembly or as an ambient lighting, the LED technology is the light of the future in terms of lighting technology.

Use the positive effect of indirect light by means of LED strips on the human well-being, well-being ambience lighting.

Now underline entire rooms, facades in your desired light color with subtle and effective indirect lighting. For spatial design, not only the functionality, but also the emotionality of the light plays an essential and decisive role. Light is one of the most important design features of a room. It puts all the other aspects of the furnishings into the scene and creates an atmosphere in which we feel comfortable.

Light is like color and has a great influence on our well-being.

Light influences the spatial mood substantially and this in turn affects us.

Light can invite you to linger, cosiness create well-being and relax.

Light can also set accents and invigorate spaces. Light can also significantly improve and stimulate concentration and performance.


We with LED shop lighting solution and our team, design and plan completely new and modern lighting concepts with LED lighting and light bulbs (GU10, LED strip HighPower CRI 95, with a very high color reproduction of up to CRI 95 and highest efficiency Light for optimal illumination of the goods and products).

LED lumen is the new LED watt. Save up to 90% of the energy costs for the lighting with an LED and do something good for the environment! In our LED shop, only high-quality LED lighting such as LED panel CRI offer round and much more. Our endeavor as a company lighting solution, is to provide high-quality illuminants in various designs, for every application. Affordable for everyone. Our product portfolio is not only a substitute for the currently used conventional lighting equipment, but also for a new lighting solution for every household, restaurants, hotels, public buildings and LED hall lighting.

Our company philosophy is, by using the LED technology, we can do something against the energy use and reduce the global CO2 emissions. Everyone can contribute something to their environment with today's LED lighting technology, thereby reducing energy costs and saving money without changing their habits. They are a good combination to save energy and conserve your budget. The LED technology is an investment in the future so that it remains life-like for our children and their children. We the company lighting solution, want to go this way with you together, they go with ...

Would you like to find out more about an innovative lighting option by means of LED technology for your project or are you looking for competent and professional advice from the LED specialist? Then call us and arrange an appointment for a detailed and professional consultation of your project.

What is important to us:

Light in the context of architecture, human beings and art

Holistic conceptual thinking

Efficient visual comfort

Dematerialized architectural lighting

Gentle handling of our resources

Influence of light on man and his surroundings

Care, competence and continuity


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