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LED shop lighting solution

Your partner in terms of LED strips and lighting

Substantially light affects our perception of the environment. When light hits the surface of an object contours and shadows are created. Light therefore has a central influence on us and our environment.

Lighting solutions is your partner with competence for a modern and innovative architectural lighting using LED technology such as LED Strips High Power CRI 95 incl. Accessories. We rely mainly on product innovation with an excellent quality and efficiency. With our modern and environmentally friendly LED products can be quickly and easily converted or plan on an energy-saving lighting and realize.

Whether you want to illuminate your business and private area effectively through targeted light guide, or your products and want to put goods in retail or showrooms be spot on, our lighting design added rooms and buildings in a completely new atmosphere. Light architecture comes to life only with a professional lighting. Our concepts follow primarily the requirements of the object, without leaving their own visions of our Customer aside.

Under Lichtarchitektur we understand the connection between creative design and innovative LED technology.

LED technology in any design, either as High Power LED CRI 95 strips or in luminaire / construction or as ambient lighting, the LED technology is in terms of lighting technology, the Light of the Future.

Take advantage of the positive impact of indirect light on human well-being, comfortable ambience lighting. Accentuate Now entire rooms, facades in your desired light color with a discreet and effective indirect lighting. For the spatial design not only the functionality but also the emotionality of light plays an important and decisive role. Light is the means to the main design features of a room. It supersedes any other aspects of setting up the scene and creates an atmosphere in which we feel comfortable.

Light is like color and has a great impact on our wellbeing.

Light influences the atmosphere in the room much and this in turn acts on us.

Light may beckon, comfort provide well-being and relaxation act promoting.

Light can also set accents and enliven spaces. Light can significantly improve as the concentration and performance and stimulate.


We with LED shop lighting solution and our team, design and planning completely new and modern lighting concepts with LED lighting and LED lamps (LED GU10, LED strips High power CRI 95, with a very high color rendering of up to CRI 95 and highest efficiency, LED track light glare-free light for optimum illumination of the goods and products).

LED lumen is the new LED Watt. Save it with a LED up to 90% of energy costs for lighting and they do this something good for the environment! We offer only high quality LED lighting such as LED panel CRI around and much more. Our aim as a company lighting solution, it, high quality LED lamps in various types, for every purpose. Is affordable to make for everyone. Our product portfolio is so geared not only to replace the currently used conventional light sources but also for new lighting solution for every household, restaurants, hotels, public buildings and LED hall lighting. Our philosophy is, through the use of LED technology, we can do something about the waste of energy and reduce global CO2 emissions. Everyone can with today's LED lighting technology contribute something in his environment and thereby to reduce energy costs and save money without change his habits. They are a good combination to save energy and conserve its budget. The LED technology is an investment in the future, so that they still remain worth living for our children and their children. We the company lighting solution want to go this way together with you, they go with ...

Want to know about the innovative lighting solutions using LED technology, or looking for expert advice from the LED more skilled? Then call us and make an appointment today for a detailed and expert advice.

What is important to:

Light in the context of architecture, man and art

Holistic concept Think

Efficient visual comfort

Dematerialised Architectural lighting

Careful use of our resources

Influence of light on man and his environment

Care, competence and continuity



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